12 DAYS OF CLASSES | DSLR Filmmaking for Beginners



What is the American filmmaker’s dream?  To make a film that captivates audiences, gets rave reviews, and even wins some awards?  Oh… and maybe makes enough money that you can make rent and doesn’t leave you in financial ruin.  

When you decide to make your first film, you only have a few ways you can tackle it. You could fund it on credit, which has the potential to leave you with empty pockets and broken dreams.  Or you could take the path that many other successful filmmakers have blazed as of late, and you could work your way up.  

“Show people what you can do for nothing,” says Mark Duplass in his interview with No Film School.  

Our advice….start with an affordable camera option - whether you’re buying or renting locally.

This has also become the mantra of many other filmmakers as streaming services and internet content is growing.  Future producers and funders will like working with you if they know you’ll stretch the funding they’re able to get you to get the best possible product. And the trick to doing that is - access.  

What do you have access to and what can you afford to acquire?  For most, a camera that costs as much as your second car is completely out of the question.  Luckily, consumer grade DSLRs are equipped with many features that emulate much of the same look as their more expensive counterparts for a fraction of the cost… if used correctly.  While you could spend hours scouring the internet trying to figure out these tricks of the trade, instead, why not spend a weekend in an in-depth, hands-on workshop at your local favorite non-profit film school?

Our DSLR Filmmaking for Beginners 12-hour course is lead by industry professionals that have been where you are.  They’ve worked with low budgets and stretched their equipment resources to get the highest production value possible. From that, they’ve created the foundation of a career in filmmaking that they are passionate about sharing. Our classes feature in-house professional equipment, but also show you some ways you might be able to fudge it a little if you don’t have access to the fancy stuff all the time - we call this practical project-based learning.

This is a class will not only help you master all the settings on the DLSR, up the quality of shots you’re able to get out of that camera, and set you on the path toward your indie film dreams but also explore DIY options, tips & tricks of the trade when you’re in a pinch & need to get the shot.

Whether you’re thinking of diving into the world of filmmaking, interested in learning how to use a DSLR for motion picture or just trying something new - this class is a fundamental basic for all of the above in digital arts & film sectors.

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