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Did your week feel like a big pile of dinosaur poopy? Well not anymore thanks to our wonderful Media Curators at MIX/VHS. Sneak a peek at this wonderful list of videos! You will laugh, cry and maybe just maybe feel a little sparkle in your heart. And remember we here at MIX/VHS have been here for many a year to guide you hand in hand into the inevitable robot uprising!

The Muffin Song

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The most adorable animation about depression I've ever seen. It's a music video about a series of animations called "asdf movie" by Thomas Ridgewell, aka TomSka, songified by the Gregory Brothers, aka Schmoyoho. It stars a muffin who just wants to be eaten, voiced by Sam Lavagnino, also known as Catbug from "Bravest Warriors".

- Brian

The Passage



I caught this flick on Film Struck (R.I.P.) the night before it shut down, and I'm so glad I did.  This short captures so much of the human experience and wraps it in such a strange little package.  It features feelings of unquenchable hunger, wants for belonging and cultural identity while never allowing the main character (who never speaks) to take anything too seriously.  Instead he enjoys a humorous curiosity about his life and journey.  It made me think of Tati's Playtime only maybe if Wes Anderson had a hand in it. 

- Carrie

The Mysterious Stranger



I’ll admit I’ve never seen this movie, but I have stumbled across this clip from The Adventures of Mark Twain, a claymation film about Mark Twain traveling through all of his stories. I love everything about this clip. From the design of the Mysterious Stranger to his lines of dialogue. Nothing he says is particularly sinister, except the earthquake, but the way he says it. The way they have his voice modulated is both chilling and comforting.


Weird Looking Cat Terrifies Man

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After a long week and all of the uncertainty of the world, we are thankful for people like the narrator, keeping us safe from the unknown and mediating such a hilarious conflict so we can just chill like Lucy and watch.


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