CAST & CREW CALL For Short Film "A Happy Medium"

Director: Radha Patel

Project Description:

A Happy Medium is essentially about how some people let their emotions drive their decisions while others let their intellect. It tells the story of Naya, who has just moved to a new city with a new job away from everything she knows. Hugo and Sophia are her companions throughout her journey and help her find a happy medium between her emotions and intellect.


Naya: a woman who has just moved to a new city with a new job, leaving everything she knows behind. She is intelligent and can be impulsive, but finds a way to use both her emotions and her intellect to navigate through major decisions throughout a day in her life.

Hugo: Naya's heart in human form. He makes sure that Naya is in tune with her emotions and helps her with her emotional output towards her decisions. He is sensitive and warm.

Sophia: Naya's brain in human form. She makes sure  Naya uses her intelligence to see the logic of her situation. She is straightforward and blunt but cares for Naya's well-being.

Sean: Naya's long-distance boyfriend who pays her a visit in the new city only to propose to her when they meet. He loves Naya very much and is willing to do anything to make sure their relationship lasts even if it is long distance.

Crew Positions Available:



Compensation: Non-paid | Meals

Date of Audition: 12-08-2018