Producer/Writer: Jordan Cryder

Project Description:

New Sky Kids, innovative brand and successful world-wide YouTube channel, is looking to take things to the next level. Created by New Sky Pictures, an Austin-based production company founded by Austin Filmmaker, Mike Akel (An Ordinary Family, Chalk) and his brother-in-law / start-up guru, Felipe Adams, New Sky Kids stands out on YouTube with scripted narrative content. 

With over 350 videos produced, a cast of over 40 kid actors, over 1.8 MILLION subscribers and 2 BILLION views, and multiple production crews, we are looking for talented individuals to join our internship program.


Editing Intern Responsibilities: 

Assembly Edits - Students will also be responsible for narrative assembly edits on an as needed basis to support the NSK post-production process. 

Footage Organization - Intern will be responsible for syncing and organizing footage for editors. Intern must be able to follow organization details closely and deliver an excellent final project. 

Narrative Edits - Narrative edits may be given to interns who do outstanding work on other projects. 

Other Content - Students may work on a variety of other editing projects throughout the internship in order to provide a variety of editing experiences. 

Production Office - All interns will be required to have weekly office hours where they will be responsible for general tasks to assist the production team in any ways necessary. 

Hard Worker - the best Production Assistant is always moving, willing do whatever role is necessary, and never saying "That's not my job." 

Good Listener - Able to pay attention on set and preemptively and quickly fulfill needs as they are mentioned. 

Team Player - Actively looks to help others on set, whether that is crew or cast. 

Reliable - This person can be counted on to do what they said they were going to do. 

Good Attitude - Sets are fun, but they can be stressful. Maintaining a good attitude is crucial.

Compensation: Non-paid

Contact: jordan@newskypictures.com