CAST AND CREW CALL For Short Film "Fresa"

Director: Isaac Soto

Project Description:

"An immigrant Father does his best to secure funds for his son's much needed dental work after his house is broken into and his savings stolen."

This is a short film I wrote and would like to shoot on 16. My plan is to - once majority of cast and crew is assembled - shoot a digital proof of concept for as CHEAP as possible, and use it to crowd fund a proper budget.

Ideally, this gig (primarily for acting leads and camera department) will be a payed gig.

As of now, the shoot dates are less than tentative, but we're aiming for summer. 



Santino "Fresa": Latino, male, age 25-35

Junior: Latino, male, age 7-10

Fabiana: Latino, female, age 25-35


Paco: Latino, Male, age 40-50

Juan: Latino, Male, age 25-35


Actors, please Email me with your resume/head shot attached, and reel if possible. Fluency in Spanish big PLUS!


Looking to fill all crew positions!

CAM department, please Email me with a reel or link to any work you've done. Experience shooting on film stock is of high value!
Compensation: Paid