CASTING CALL For Short Film "Catharsis"

Type of Production: Short Film

Director: Deborah Valcin

Project Description:

As Deborah comes to terms with a recent incident that happened out of anger, she goes on a mental journey of self-realization that provides her with a new kind of freedom. Catharsis: A Journey Through Anger exposes the audience to Deborah’s inner monologue and the journey she goes through when dealing with the one terrifying emotion that society often tells Black Women to suppress.

Auditions are from June 6th to June 11th! Send an email with a headshot and resume to the email provided and we'll provide you with instructions for a video audition complete with a monologue!

Role Available:

Female | 18 - 25 | Black
Deborah struggles with decisiveness and this is somewhat reflected in what she wears. She says more with her eyes than her voice. She’s caught in between who she thinks everyone wants her to be and who she wants to be. She’s trying to discover who she really is and why she keeps repressing vital emotions like anger. Her psyche is fractured and she’s trying to put it back together.

Male | 25 - 30 | Black
This is Deborah’s inner conscience. This is her voice of reason and logic. Very critical of her and her rash decision to act on her anger because it presents a negative image of who Deborah is. This voice is also the thing holding Deborah back from her freedom.

Male | 18 - 25 | White
Carter is the type of liberal racist Get Out warned us about. He’s nice and agreeable at face value, but you’re occasionally reminded by the things he says that he doesn’t give people of color any human value even though he wants them to believe that he’s “woke”. He’s the type of white boy that has a boho-hipster aesthetic and lives that type of lifestyle even though he was born into wealth and privilege. Soft-spoken and condescending. Especially toward marginalized groups.

Female | 25 - 30 | White
Carter’s older sister. She’s also a liberal racist but in her case, she gets emotional and feels victimized when her ideologies and attitudes towards people of color are rightfully called into question. She relies on her false tears for sympathy. She cries a lot to get out of explaining her racism. And people fall for it. 

Male | 25 - 30 | White
Logan’s husband. He’s the type of man that fits into her aesthetic. He’s basically a doormat that is always tending to his wife’s feelings while she doesn’t reciprocate the gesture. And she doesn’t seem to notice. Or care. He also has a fascist tattoo.   

Male | 18 - 25 | Black
Steven and Josué are always looking for the next adrenaline rush. They’re the friends that hype you up to do something you never thought you’d do much less get away with. They feed off each other's energy. 

Male | 50 - 60 | White
This man is the reason why Carter grew up with a silver spoon. This man carries himself as the definition of American wealth and privilege.

Female | 30 - 45 | White
Has the appearance of cleanliness and an uptight personality complete with a string of pearls. Her son is the apple of her eye and she adores him.

Male | 30 - 45 | White
Carter’s Dad has that wealthy aloofness to him. He has a “Whatever you say, dear” personality. Very dull and boring, but… he’s here.

Compensation: Paid | Non-Paid