CAST & CREW CALL For Short Film "Friendsgiving"

Director: Evelyn Sifton

Project Description:

A young person, recently out of the closet and new member of the LGBTQ community is experiencing their first “Friendsgiving” since becoming estranged from their family.  TEGAN discovers that family does not need to be related by blood, and that you can find family in those that love and support you.


YAN (26-35), Large/imposing stature ie: “Bear Gay”: A young professional and the host of the Friendsgiving.  Knows the rest of the characters from the University LGBTQ community back when he was a student. Mature and responsible with a “Papa Bear” mentality towards the others.  Ryan’s character shtick is the gap between his imposing stature, and his gentle tone of voice.

Crew Positions:

Boom Operator



Compensation: Non-Paid

Audition Date: 02-27-2019


The Cork BoardJoey Prather