Still by Alie Jackson

Still by Alie Jackson


Selected works by Alie Jackson (L to R: Sound on Sound Festival, Transparent, American Horror Story, Transmission Entertainment, Music Video image

Alie Jackson

Alie Jackson

Not all artists and creators set out to make film and video for the screen only -- some create for installation, live performance, projections, marketing and so on. With technology revolutionized through digital platforms such as Vimeo, YouTube, Instagram, and Tumblr -- the possibilities for creating moving images is endless and the exposure to new media through all mediums is growing.

This is just what ASoF's newest instructor Alie Jackson does as a multi-media artist, industry professional, and Art Director + 2D Motion Designer at Project C in Austin, Texas. Her films have been featured selections in numerous festivals and with clients like ABC, FX, Disney, Amazon Studios and Marvel - it is no surprise why we are so excited to have her join our faculty team!  Alie Jackson is ASoF's newest instructor leading our unique and innovative Intro to Experimental Video Art Course.

This new course offers students an introduction to new concepts; creative thinking, and exposure to methods & techniques not taught in traditional filmmaking curriculums and provides students with a practical foundation for creating digital video for installation, performance, web, or screen.


One of the key differences between video art and theatrical cinema is that video art does not have to follow the conventions that often define theatrical cinema. Video art may not employ actors, dialogue, or have a distinct narrative or plot. The creator has endless options for creating art or content for digital platforms. Think: your own works, music videos, marketing campaigns, clients, and incorporating techniques into all film genres. 

As technology has evolved since the emergence video art in the 1960's, artists are able to freely experiment more with video art without using any of their own content and have sourced found footage, still photographs, and any other creative media they wish to experiment with. The skills attained in this course can be used to build on existing filmmaking techniques incorporating knowledge into multiple genres or the creation of new ways to express ideas through film/video production/post.

Students in the course will learn: digital video post-production with sound, motion control, and non-linear editing platforms, techniques of assembling footage, methods for manipulating the aesthetics of creative media/video, and the creation & execution of your own original video art project(s). Students will work with platforms such as: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere Pro, and Adobe After Effects. All students from this course are eligible to submit final works to Cinema Obscura screening curated by MMAC at Cheer Up Charlie's in June. 

Create new work with guidance from industry professional motion designer Alie Jackson and learn more about this new course now!

P.S. Festivals and organizations highlighting video art can be seen around the world (check it out!):