31 Days of Horror! Day 21 | The Others


Our Community Director Carrie Cates is watching a horror film each day this October, in what she has dubbed 31 Days of Horror! We’ll be posting her spooky cinema journey here every day this month, so check back in to see what she’s watching next!

The Others

"The Others has such a great concept and executes it so well.  Could they have found a more creepy location?  I am surprised that the end had somehow not been spoiled for me, but I had good sized chunks of it figured out before we arrived.  I’ll try not to spoil it for those who haven’t seen it yet.  I think the best part about this movie though is the atmosphere it creates.  Things feel unsettling, even when they’re running like they should, and it keeps you on your toes the entire film because of it.  It’s good acting, but also really good direction, tonally.  If you’re not into suspense or some very well handled jump scares, this movie might not be for you, but I’d still recommend giving it a try.

5 out of 5 on the fright-o-meter, very creepy, I screamed out loud maybe 3 times, and hid my eyes twice."

-  Carrie