31 Days of Horror! Day 20 | Prince of Darkness


Our Community Director Carrie Cates is watching a horror film each day this October, in what she has dubbed 31 Days of Horror! We’ll be posting her spooky cinema journey here every day this month, so check back in to see what she’s watching next!

Prince of Darkness

"I’ve heard this called ‘one of the lesser watched Carpenter movies’ and I can see why.  It certainly isn’t in the same league as many of his other films.  I try to watch at least one Carpenter movie each year as part of this project, but I think I may need to find another to satisfy that niche.  There are some decent moments in this film though.  If you’re not familiar with this film, it’s about a group of college students under the tutelage of their professor who investigate a large tube of goo in the basement of a defunct church.  Things obviously go awry, and somehow we end up with lots of bugs, people decomposing, a homeless Alice Cooper (still not sure why they bothered with that cameo), and lots of sexist and racist jokes.  I’m not entirely sure what to make of this mess.  Just go watch The Thing or something instead.

3 out of 5 on the fright-o-meter for a couple jump scares, lots of goop and bugs, and some violent deaths."

-  Carrie