CASTING CALL for Austin Short Film "The Implications of Infinity"


Project Title: The Implications of Infinity Type of Production: Short Film

Producer: Angus Dunn

Writer: Aunteek Naser

Director: Aunteek Naser

Production Company: artlesscommerce

Looking for: CAST

Project Description: 

Two men who are discontent with their everyday lives decide to quit their jobs and sabotage their places of work, but one of the men, who works at a software giant, accidentally releases a rogue AI experiment.

Character Breakdowns: 

Man 1 [unnamed] works at a software giant that develops artificial intelligence, among other services. He is desperate to leave the internship that he worked so hard to get. He loves his fiancé, but more than anything he wants to run away from his life and start anew.

Man 2 [unnamed] is engaged to Man 1, and shares his need to run away from his life.

Compensation: Non-Paid | Meals | DVD/Digital Copy

Contact: Aunteek Naser |