31 Days of Horror! Day 14 | The Craft


Our Community Director Carrie Cates is watching a horror film each day this October, in what she has dubbed 31 Days of Horror! We’ll be posting her spooky cinema journey here every day this month, so check back in to see what she’s watching next!

The Craft

"I went into this one pretty blind, surprisingly. It's one of those movies that's been recommended several times and had just been in my perif. I actually think I may have better understood some of the people I went to high school with and some of the things they referenced had I seen it then. Some of the effects don't hold up, but eh. Anyway, I enjoyed the film for what it was. High school girls messing around with witchcraft and it goes too far in the most teenage angsty way possible. I've seen a review for this film that called it a Halloween version of Mean Girls, and I'd agree. My favorite scene was when they are all in the car running green lights. 1 out of 5 on the fright-o-meter since the scariest thing about this movie is high school itself, and I already survived that once."

-  Carrie