31 Days of Horror! Day 7 | Event Horizon


Our Community Director Carrie Cates is watching a horror film each day this October, in what she has dubbed 31 Days of Horror! We’ll be posting her spooky cinema journey here every day this month, so check back in to see what she’s watching next!

Event Horizon

"I couldn’t remember having watched this one, but apparently I had.  No biggie though, I make the rules of this project.  So, who cares.  PLUS, I get to meet the writer of the screenplay in December as part of the Other Worlds Film Festival piece that ASoF hosts.  So, that’s neat.  This movie would pair well with a triple feature of Alien and The Thing.  So, if you dig either of those, this you too will likely enjoy.  As an interview I read about this movie said, “It’s not everyday you get to see hell”.

3 out of 5 on the fright-o-meter for gore, jump scares, and all sorts of wild images that are going to burn their place into your nightmares."

-  Carrie

If you would like to meet Mr. Eisner and attend a FREE public workshop he’s giving in December, click HERE!