MIX/VHS | Week 046

Spooky ol' October is next week! Is that crazy to anyone else? While y'all are waiting for the leaves to change colors so it actually feels like fall, we've got another rad MIX/VHS for you to sink your fake-Vampire teeth into in anticipation for Halloween coming soon. Enjoy!  





I really liked this movie.  It was super creepy, and went some very unexpected places.  While the black and white cinematography was gorgeous in every way, it has so much more going for it.  The great use of silence and music, the fantastic pacing and flashes of totally terrifying images has you on edge for the entire hour and 16 minutes.  The film has such great control and shows really great technique of the medium, I would highly recommend checking it out.  It’s going to be tough to beat for my fav this Oct. during my 31 horror films project.

-  Carrie




ProleteR is an artist on soundcloud that puts a modern twist on old music. I highly suggest checking out anything he has made.

-  Miranda


Screen Shot 2017-09-28 at 1.19.30 PM


Not only do I adore this short film because it was made by and about my dear friends Austin and Jamie, but I think it's important to highlight short work by new filmmakers making silly, honest, fun films to become better at their craft. Austin made this in an afternoon. Go out and make a movie!

-  Spencer

Michael Jackson Motown Audition 1968



I enjoy pretending to know nothing of this innocent, talented and entertaining 9 year old Michael Jackson. Imagine being a Motown Executive in that room, witnessing something beautiful, unaware of what would manifest into a worldwide phenomena. Whether you prefer to focus on the negative or positive from Michael's life, this kid can get down like James Brown.

-  Clete




This french short draws you in and leaves you with a chill in a minimal run time.  The simple, yet poignant, development of the piano tuner has you rooting for him despite his questionable ethics as he pretends to be disabled to garner sympathy from clients.  This short is dark, funny, and well made. Not good if you're particularly squeamish, however.

-  Cameron

Scraps - Jordan Schlansky's Masterpiece



 Conan O'Brien is, without a doubt, the best late night host. His comedic timing and sensibilities are unrivaled. His associate producer, Jordan Schlansky, is an enigma of a character. When combined, the two are often a dissonance between precision and thoughtfulness. In this outtake, we get another glimpse at the hilarious relationship between the two, and it's great.

-  Jake

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