CREW CALL for a Deathcore Music Video [PAID]


Project Title: Deathcore Solo Artist Music Video Type of Production: Music Video

Writer: John Ramos

Looking for: CREW

Project Description: 

I have ideas for a music video for my solo project. Super heavy and has creepy themes. I want to bring it to life by creating images that lyrics are describing: dark, mysterious, the loss of one's sanity, and horror. Something in black and white, but in high-def if not just a lot of shadow work

I'd like to meet and talk about what we can do as far as bringing these ideas to light. Right now it's all me on my own, but if interested, we can talk about compensation as far as time and experience go.

I have the song on Bandcamp if you'd like to listen for yourself.  The song is called "Matriarch of Flesh".




Compensation: PAID

Contact: John Ramos |