MIX/VHS | Week 035

  Don't adjust your TV set!! These are the best new things to watch that you didn't even know you needed in your life! This week's MIX/VHS is jam-packed with eclectic, entertaining, thought provoking films & videos curated by some wonderfully eclectic & artistic folks. We hope you  enjoy MIX 035!


Make Me Psychic



Another Sally Cruikshank fav... This animated short from 1978 Follows Anita as she purchases a machine to make her psychic, and then how it turns her world upside down after one session. Perfection!

-  Sloane

The Lazy Fox



The Lazy Fox is about a lazy fox (shocker) and a family of hardworking raccoon dogs. While the fox lives luxuriously through the summer, the raccoon family works hard and stores their food for the winter. When winter arrives, the fox sees the error in his ways and tries to swindle the raccoons out of their food... what happens next will shock you. (Actually it won't)
- Felix

Baby Driver

unnamed (1)


I heard a friend refer to this movie as an intelligent Fast and the Furious, and I have to agree.  This movie is for sure my favorite film of 2017 so far and possibly my favorite Edgar Wright film, which is really saying something because I'm a Scott Pilgrim junkie. The soundtrack, the leads, the action: everything packs a punch.  So, leave the house, and treat yourself to the comfort of your local air conditioned movie theater this week!

-  Carrie

Ben Folds Composes A Song LIVE for Orchestra in Only 10 Minutes



You heard that right. This dude. This guy. He never ceases to delight and amaze me! Prompted only with an audience suggestion of an up-beat temp, A minor key, and a sentence from a pamphlet that reads "these new spaces are all designed to be flexible", singer/songwriter + composer Ben Folds creates a completely original song for a string and horn orchestra. In 10 mother-lovin' minutes. Even under the pressure, he's able to throw in his quick wit and entertain the audience with his process. Can't wait for this goofball to perform in Austin again this fall!

-  Spencer

The Thing



This movie has been on my mind for some reason lately. Absolutely one of the best films ever made, as well as horror film and thriller. If you have never seen it before, do yourself a favor and watch this fantastic, suspenseful nightmare.

-  Jake


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