MIX/VHS | Week 034

It's hot hot HOT outside, y'all. Needing something to watch while you wait in the shade? MIX/VHS has got you covered this week! A short little section of eclectic recommendations awaits you from four of our blog contributors. Sit back, get a glass lemonade, and enjoy!  


Darkness Light Darkness

Screen Shot 2017-06-20 at 9.56.05 PM.png


This claymation short from Czech filmmaker Jan Svankmajer is, in a word, disturbingly mesmerizing. I could watch this oversized green dude piece himself together all day! Check it out, and remember kids: this is why we don't do drugs.

-  JJ

The Art of Simon Stalenhag



Step into the beautiful, twisted, dark sci-fi world of Simon Stalenhag. Simon's artwork immediately evokes emotions of untold stories and let's your mind run wild with what could be. I always turn to his work to spark imagination, and his consistent new material makes him an artist to always return to.

-  Jake

Phil Kaye // Repetition (Poetry Observed)



Been on a poetry kick of my own lately. So, in respect to the craft, I've been trying to absorb as much spoken word from other contemporary artists as possible. Deep admiration for this dude + his work, with the rhythm of his poem being coupled with a nice observatory documentary style that doesn't distract from the words he's speaking.

-  Spencer

Safety Not Guaranteed



Hated Jurassic World?  Yeah, you're not alone.  I still can't help but look forward to 2018's Star Wars Episode IX with Trevorrow at the helm though because of this little unassuming film that I've probably watched 20 times since catching it at SXSW in 2012.  What's so great about this newcomer-to-blockbuster's indie film? I challenge you to find something wrong with it.  The cast is great, you can't help but fall in love with all of them (yes... I know I always love all things Duplass, but seriously, his character in this is fun), and the story feels really fresh and original with some odd and fantastical twists and turns.  I feel like not enough people have seen this film and have already written Colin off, but not me, and obviously not Spielberg or Lucas.  Check it out and stop being so cynical!

-  Carrie


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