MIX/VHS | Week 033

Here at the Austin School of Film, our summer camps are in full swing + the building is filled with a lot of crazy creative minds! Hectic times aside, we have a brand spankin' new edition of MIX/VHS for you to feast your eyes + ears on! We even got a special contribution from one of our Pre-Teen Digital Filmmaking students!! We hope you enjoy!

Portlandia - Outdoor Movie



Went to Weather Up the other day for an outdoor screening of The Royal Tennenbaums, and I couldn't help but crack up remembering this great sketch from Portlandia. So I showed it to all my friends who I was with, and am sharing this with you now. One of the best (and scarily true) sketches the show has ever done. Fred + Carrie: thank you for Peter and Nance!!

-  Spencer




In this 20 minute pilot that never came to be, we see the birth of Lonely Island.  Back in 2005, before anyone knew Andy Samberg, he and two of his friends, Jorma and Akiva (cue the theme song) came together to make a pilot that they attempted to sell to Fox and MTV.  The link takes you to the Fox cut, but the MTV one is pretty great as well if you can locate it.  Featuring skits that are pretty grounded in the mid 2000's but probably more funny today, they hit everything from reality tv ridiculousness to 3-D gimmicks.  It seems obvious that these guys were going to go places.  Lucky for us, this crashed pilot didn't seem to set them back. Exploding high-five!
- Carrie

Terrible Writing Advice: Beginning A Story

Screen Shot 2017-06-15 at 3.42.05 PM


The sarcasm in this series makes it very entertaining.  By telling you what not to do, you in turn learn what TO do when telling your story.  This is part of an ongoing series on youtube.  I found this by chance through the recommended tab, and gave it a watch.  Now, I've watched them all.


Mind Scape

Screenshot 2017-06-12 17.23.14


Mind Scape is a student project by animator Kaori Ryo during their 1st year at Tokyo University of the Arts. The synopsis given is: "The things are formed in the mind from the casual scenes of daily life. These imaginations accumulate and make an assembly of fantasy." Interpret that however you choose but it's essentially a very nice, cute, animation that I like and you should too.

-  Felix

Half in the Bag - The Mummy



If you aren't watching the genius' over at RedLetterMedia and their absolutely hilarious content (which notably includes great movie reviews of new releases, schlocky best-of-the-worst films, and the Star Wars prequels), you need to get to watching immediately. They are incredible. And this weekend, they released their review for the disastrous "Tom Cruise vehicle" The Mummy. I happened to also see it, being a film sadist myself, and their review is not only super funny, but hits the nail on the head of why this film is as bas as it is.
- Jake
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