CASTING CALL for Austin School of Film Short Film "LOST AND MISSING"


Project Title: LOST AND MISSING Type of Production: Short Film

Writer: Jeremy Nelson

Director: Jeremy Nelson

Looking for: CAST

Project Description: 

This is a 5-minute short film set in a small American town that has been evacuated due to an outbreak of an illness. The story centers around a EVA, a young woman who has snuck into the restricted area in search of her sister who had been working with the relief efforts but went missing during the evacuation. EVA searches the deserted streets, staying hidden and listens to the voicemails left on her phone by her sister. She comes across a desperate man who is after her supplies and must decide if she will respond with her usual ruthlessness or follow her sister's compassionate example.

Character Breakdowns: 

Eva (20s-30s, fit - any ethnicity): An army veteran that saw and experienced things in her service that made her go on an extended walkabout, disconnecting herself from her friends and family for several years. She is tough and resilient, yet emotionally scarred.

Alice (voice-acting role): inspired by her older sister’s military service, she graduated high school early and went straight into nursing school. She was finishing up her last year when the outbreak in (TOWN) happened. She left on Spring Break to go help with the relief effort. Highly motivated, compassionate.

Dan (20s - any ethnicity): A man who hid out during the evacuation thinking he could loot some houses and come out ahead when life returned to normal. After months with no power or running water he is desperate and increasingly aggressive.

Compensation: Non-Paid | Meals | Transportation | DVD/Digital Copy

Date of Audition: June 11th, 2017

Contact: Jeremy Nelson |