MIX/VHS | Week 025

After a busy week for us at SXSW, we are back! Check out these solid spring recommendations from the crew at MIX/VHS! Want to know what was good/not so good at the festival last week? Be sure to check out all of the SXSW Quick Reviews on the blog to see what we were seeing.  


Three Kings



This is how modern war films should be made. David O' Russell approach to the Gulf War is simple: take the classic example of American machismo, dick-swinging, misinterpretation of wartime and the strength of our "power," and put it all on blast. Three Kings is stylized perfection, with some of the most fluid, kinetic energy I have ever seen (in performances, editing, cinematography, direction - everything). Three Kings is about a group of AWOL soldiers at the end of the Gulf War seeking out a stash of Saddam's hidden gold. This film is hilarious, emotional, inquisitive, and brilliantly executed. I might even call it prophetic of the post-9/11, war-torn world we were about to enter barely 4-years after it's release. It's incredible.

-  Jake

An Evening with Mike Nichols and Elaine May



An early taste from the geniuses behind The BirdcageThe Graduate, and A New Leaf, this comedy album showcases the best of Elaine May and Mike Nichols' improv. The duo spent years performing together and making a name for themselves before splitting off into solo careers (one celebrated, the other crucified). If you're a fan of weird characters and social satire, check it out!

-  JJ

All Dolled Up: A New York Dolls Story



This 1972 documentary made up of found footage of the New York Dolls was shot by legendary photographer Bob Gruen and his then wife Nadya Beck, as they followed the band through some of their early NYC performances, and then as they made their way west to L.A. to play gigs at the likes of the Wisky A Go Go. I love all things New York Dolls, and this is like a little magic window into a moment in time.

-  Sloane

Attack the Block



This is one of my favorite previous SXSW selected films, featuring one of the best movie tag lines of all time: "Inner city vs. outer space".  We see John Boyega in his first feature length role along side a cast of characters who are all incredibly watchable, the flick takes you on an adventure, protecting the block while these crazy looking creatures are spit out of the sky to take over.  The creature effects in this film in itself makes it worth the watch, but every other element does too.

-  Carrie

The Sky-Colored Seed



The Sky-Colored Seed is a series of animated shorts from legendary director Hayao Miyazaki of Studio Ghibli. This is one of the cutest things I've ever seen, so you should watch it too!!
- Felix

The Weeknd // I Feel It Coming (feat. Daft Punk)



Never mind that this tune is catchy as fuck. This is a masterclass in aesthetic of a music video. The colored backdrops, the dance moves. That outfit! That DAFT PUNK CAMEO! If for nothing else, watch this video for the Daft Punk cameo. And then you can thank me for showing you this when you find yourself listen to this song on repeat in your car.

-  Spencer

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