CASTING CALL for Podcast "Feeding Thespis"


Project Title: Feeding Thespis Type of Production: Podcast

Producer: Judlyne Lilly-Gibson

Writer: Judlyn Lilly-Gibson

Production Company: Second Street Dreams Audio Network


Looking for: CAST

Project Description: 

AUDITIONS and TAPING for FEEDING THESPIS, a podcast of readings of new plays. The play we will be reading is called NEW TIMES.

It’s set in the fall of 1967.  While her husband is in Vietnam, Diane Marshall is hired as Resident Hall Manager.  She is the first Black person to have a management position at the ultra-elite Clara Neal College for Women.


Character Breakdowns:

2 African-American Women, one in her 30s, the other in her 50s

3 White Women, two college aged, and one in her 40s


Compensation: Non-Paid | Meals

Date of Audition: February 19th, 2017

Contact: Judlyne Lilly-Gibson |