MIX/VHS | Week 020

In a sea of new Netflix shows, cat GIFs, and Viral Dr. Phil Interviews, it's no wonder you're having trouble knowing what to watch this week! But don't worry. We've got your back. MIX/VHS is a weekly digest of recommendations from an eclectic panel of Austin Cinemaker Space artists + filmmakers. Everything & anything from feature films to short commercials, and all the fun + wild stuff in-between: check out our picks of what you NEED to watch this week!

Dramatic Relationships

Screen Shot 2017-01-30 at 6.04.23 PM.png


This simple short from Dustin Defa captures that special, 'so horrifyingly uncomfortable I can't look away' feeling with naturalistic performances and wonderful control of pace. There's something very off about this piece, in a way that'll have you fidgeting in your chair while watching and thinking about it for days afterwards.
- JJ

The Garden // All Access



I'm in love with All Access, new track from The Garden's upcoming EP which drops in March. The video is perfection, and incapsulates everything VadaVada. It feels almost like the continuation of a story you've heard bits of before in their last few videos, each filling in a bit more of the whole picture. The first person perspective makes it feel almost like a 'choose your own adventure' unfolding before you, as you take in the sights and get a grip of your surroundings, eventually ending up in the middle of a mosh pit before more twists and turns arise. Wyatt and Fletcher bring it in every way possible, and the track will be with you for days. I'm all in, and suggest you drink the cool-aid too.

-  Sloane

Man Seeking Woman



I randomly clicked this show a week or so ago on Hulu, and very quickly became obsessed.  It very possibly could be my new favorite show.  It's such a great mix of magical realism, comedy, and really relatable scenarios that always escalate one step further than you think it should but never to the detriment of the bit (yes, SNL I'm looking at you).  This poor schmo can't seem to catch a break finding crushing heartbreak and ridiculous situations with his friend (played by Eric Andre) constantly.  The first season is great and available on Hulu and the FX app, and the second season is starting just as strong.  Please check it out because I need friends to recap episodes with.
- Carrie




Paul Verhoeven's work is often divisive, technical, and precise. At his best, he defines a genre with satirical flairs and constant energy (Robocop or Starship Troopers). At his worst, you still can't look away from his perfected masterclass of directing chaos (looking at you ShowGirls). With Elle each disturbing step that Verhoeven pushes his audience towards leaves you pale and frightened. It is an unsettling revenge thriller that needs to be seen, with an incredible performance from Isabelle Huppert, and a complimenting precision from Verhoeven behind the camera.

-  Jake

Young Thug // Wyclef Jean



No music video has sucked me into a narrative like this before. And by narrative, I mean the fact that this $100,000 production for Young Thug became a trainwreck really quick when the rapper never showed up to set. An incredibly funny and outrageous retelling of the making-of, you'll find yourself wondering "Was this planned all along, or did this shit really happen?"

- Spencer

When A Woman Ascends the Stairs



Wonderful Japanese drama of the mid-century! The film follows the life a of widowed bar hostess named Keiko (Hideko Takamine), focusing on the struggles of ambitious women in the fast moving new world of post-war Japan. Beautifully shot with a melancholy feel.

- Felix

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