CASTING CALL for Austin Short Film "COFFEE + TACOS"


Production Title: COFFEE + TACOS Type of Production: Short Film

Producer: Carrie Cates

Writer: Spencer Mirabal

Director: Spencer Mirabal


Project Description: 

Willis thinks he’s found the love of his life as he reconnects with his old girlfriend, Mackenzie when she makes a trip back to the city to visit friends. They could not be less on the same page.

Character Breakdowns: 

Willis: Male (20s) Overly romanticizes literally everything. All over the place in terms of high energy and willing to change himself to impress/connect.

Mackenzie: Female (20s) Witty and Honest. Comfortable and casual with anyone she meets. Very “move on to the next person or thing quickly” sort of person.


Compensation: Non-Paid | Meals | DVD/Digital Copy

Contact for Cast Submissions: Spencer Mirabal |