CASTING CALL for Austin Short Film "Charter School Teachers"


Production Title: Charter School Teachers Type of Production: Short Film

Producer: Carrie Cates

Writer: Alex Thomas

Director: Alex Thomas


Project Description: 

Charter School Teachers is a short film that will serve as the proof of concept for a feature narrative that is currently in development. It features the world of Billie Brady, a progressive charter school teacher who is anything but a role model in her personal, romantic life. Sometimes it even seems she’s learning more than the students.

Character Breakdowns:

Billie Brady (20s-30s) Black woman, hipster teacher

Gus (20s-30s) Any ethnicity, nerdy teacher

Jen (20s-50s) Any ethnicity, angsty teacher

LB (20s-40s) Any ethnicity, hipster and athletic teacher

Hot Holly (20s-30s) Any ethnicity, hot teacher

Megan (13-18) Any ethnicity, progressive high school student


Compensation: Paid/Non-Paid | Meals | DVD/Digital Copy

Contact for Cast Submissions: Alex Thomas |