Support ASoF during #AmplifyATX

Austin School of Film is happy to announce we are participating in this year's Amplify Austin! Amplify Austin is a 24-hour giving period where non-profits around the city set out to accomplish a fundraising goal for themselves. Each nonprofit reaches out to staff, volunteers, friends, family, and the rest of the community to get as many donations as possible before the 24 hour mark ends. All of this is done online, making donating easy for anyone anywhere to do. Nonprofits which raise the most money and have the most unique donors also have chances to win monetary prizes every hour.

Click here to see our official Amplify Austin page where you can schedule your donation ahead of time, or bookmark to donate at the time of the event.

This is our first year participating, and we have set a goal of $7,000. This amount of money will help support our educational programs, such as Cine Joven and summer camps, and allow us to provide scholarships to students. We are asking people who are enthusiastic about ASoF to create individual fundraisers which will help us reach our overall goal. You can set the goal you believe is attainable. Many staff have set a personal goal of raising $200 of our $7,000 goal.


To make the day of giving fun, we are having a competition between those who are making individual fundraisers. The person who raises the most money through their individual fundraiser will have a party thrown in their honor at ASoF. The winner gets to pick the theme AND they can invite whoever they want!

We have created fun creative media driven incentives for donors to receive! Check them out.


$10 - Shout-out on our Facebook page.

 $25 - Be included in our thank you video.

 $50 - Receive a Haiku written by Spencer (our Community Coordinator and Haiku wizard).

 $100 - Invitation to our private movie party + Haiku written by Spencer.

$250 - We will create a suede of your favorite movie scene.

 $500 - We will create a suede of your favorite movie scene and invite you to star in it.

 $1000 - We will create a custom short animation for you.

 $3000 - You pick one member of our staff/interns and we will make a video of us pranking them and send to you.

 $7000 - We will make a (5 minute or less) short film for you.

Anyone who donates more than $100 gets a free basic membership to ASoF for a full year ($55 value).

You do not have to donate the suggested levels, any interested support can donate any amount above $10!

Thank you so much for your interest in helping us reach our fundraising goal and for helping us Amplify Austin! It's support like yours that we need in order to continue building our future and making dreams happen!

Click here to donate!

Please feel free to reach out to us at for any questions about the process.