Creek Show 2015

The outreach program, Waller Creek Conservancy, is putting on an art event to celebrate and bring awareness to future transformations coming to the creek, trails and surrounding parks. Started as a one day event in 2014; it has expanded into a 10-day format extending from Nov. 12-21. The art installations are open and free to the public from 6pm-10pm each evening listed above. The Creek Show showcases five different art installations by local artists and architects. All the installations are light based so, best to be viewed at night along Waller Creek between 8th and 5th streets. Each of the five installations has it's own theme directly related to Waller Creek's future transformation. For instance, not many know that a hidden network of storm drains and Waller Creek are essential to the protection of Austin from the floods of a torrential rain pour. The  Waller Creek tunnel project when completed will be a city-wide water displacement system that will be able to move 3.7 million gallons of water a minute. Flowing water can either be very graceful or absolutely terrifying and this dubious relationship is brought to life in this exhibit.  This installation showcases on how unnatural manmade devices protect central Austin from the natural chaos of water. img_naturalunnaturalAnother one of the five installations brings awareness to the problem of creek pollution. By displaying a network of tubes; they have a possibility of accumulating trash on the surface of the creek. By locating trash receptacles around the exhibit, visitors are encouraged to actively participate in keeping Waller Creek clean. The illuminated tubes also play off the central Texas culture of floating the river. The empty tubes represent the disconnect to interact with the Waller Creek water due to pollution. img_floatthewaller Under the spooky 7th street bridge, one local interactive video artist has transformed the area below to show the revitalization of Waller Creek. As the visitors approach the area, they will be projected and distorted along the rough stonework of the bridge by a live camera. This interactive experience will bring one into the magic of this artwork and speak volumes to the revitalization of Waller Creek.


If you'd like more information about events at the Waller Creek Show or would like to learn more about the artists and architects involved please visit

Written by: Samuel Leavitt