EDITOR WANTED for 60th Birthday Party Video [PAID]

I have a bunch of short video files (.mov) and numerous photographs (.jpg) and a radio show soundtrack (.wav). These are assembled and can be provided on a stick or by files transfer, they are reasonably ordered as filed.

I’m seeking someone to assemble this video from the above material and work with me editing/sequencing/narrating and sorting soundtrack etc. into a movie lasting no more than an hour. 


- These are a blend of work related and personal material. They are private (ie Not public domain. None are dodgy.)Various videos will need speeding up or slowing down and some photos ditto.

- I envisage soundtrack is part radio show sound file and part music (yet to be selected).

- I will wish to add some section divider slides and titles on some photos.

- This needs to be complete in next 7 days by COB Tuesday October 2nd and I would like to start work ASAP. 

- I am available also through upcoming weekend Sept 29/30th 2018

- I was going to try to do this myself with Shotcut, but have run out of time and need help
This is purely for personal/family use.

- I envisage that a tech savvy student could do this or a professional who is available. Rate can dsicussed via e-mail.

CONTACT: Paul Moore | pauldmoore@gmail.com