CASTING CALL For Short Film "Tracker"

Project Title: Tracker

Type of Production: Short Film

Writer: Cordelaine Kline

Director: Cordelaine Kline

Looking For: CAST

Project Description: 

Project Description:

Dana, a UFC fighter, takes a job as a bounty hunter to make some money. She hunts in a dark forest for her first bounty, a crazy addict.

Dana (Lead) 18-40 - Dana is a UFC fighter. She's one tough cookie and has tremendous self-discipline that hides a troubled childhood. Please note if you have experience with martial arts or stage combat.

Chuck (Supporting) 60+ Chuck is a former badass bounty hunter, he hires Dana to work for him because of his declining health. Please note if you have any experience with singing or music.

Compensation: PAID | Meals | DVD/Digital Copy

Contact: Cordelaine Kline |