CASTING CALL for Short Film "Jurassic Park Life Finds A Way Fan Film"

Producer: Carrie Cates

Writer: Todd Stephens

Director: Todd Stephens

Production Company: Todd Jason Films

Looking For: CAST

Project Description: 

Imagine this. In the second film, "The Lost World", Ingen attempts to take dinosaurs off the island and move them to the mainland to open Jurassic Park in San Diego. And I got to thinking, what if this was successful, it's like Six Flags. There would be multiple locations across the US, and of course eventually, dinosaurs break out and kill people, and the whole North American continent is taken over by dinosaurs and people have to coexist with them.

With your help, we can make this film a reality.

Casting for two lead roles, extras, and bit parts:

- Danny (lead) - Danny's personality is more of the anti social kind of guy; unless it's people he truly knows; he has anger problems, but later in the story he changes, and becomes more social and less angry.

- Lauren (lead) - Lauren has been alone most of her life; when she was a kid her parents worked in one of the Jurassic Park locations, and when everything went wrong, they both died; she has been surviving on her own for years. She is also blonde.

-Lauren's mother - works at one of the Jurassic Park locations; is killed by a Spinosaurus.  Age range 30-40 ish

This is also an open call for extras and 2 park guard roles. So, if these 2 parts don't fit you and you still want to be in on the dino-action, shoot us an email with your headshot anyway!

Shooting in mid to late August in and around Austin, TX

Contact: Carrie Cates |