CASTING CALL for Webseries "Heroes of Awesome: Rusted Heart" [PAID]

Project Title: Heroes of Awesome: Rusted Heart

Type of Production: Webseries

Producer: Mark Gardner

Writer: Mark Gardner

Looking for: CAST

Project Description: 

We're looking for a new adventurer to join our long running Dungeons and Dragons series on Twitch and YouTube. We're starting a new campaign and need someone new to join the party. We meet every other Sunday and play from 5pm to 8pm (give or take) for our live-stream on Twitch. All of those are then archived on YouTube. We occasionally meet to shoot additional videos or bonus live streams as needed or available. 

You'll create your own character and choose their own path by working as a team with the rest of the party. You either need to have some experience with Dungeons or Dragons (or be willing to learn), have your own dice, miniature figure, and Player's Handbook and most importantly, be willing to commit to a long-running show. The Heroes of Awesome have been adventuring online for 4 years and this campaign is intended to last until December 2017 with an option to extend the adventure or join another adventure in 2019.

Our compensation is based on how much we can make each month from our Patreons and other revenue streams. The more we make each month, the more we can distribute. Currently cast is getting about $20/month to play and be a part of the family.

This new adventure is starting VERY soon. Our first stream is planned for May 6th and we need to shoot introductory videos on April 22nd so if you're interested, please submit soon. While we'd prefer to have another female join the adventure we're open to all genders. We'll reach out to people we want to talk more to for face-to-face conversations over coffee, since the most important part of the adventure is how well we all get along.

We hope to hear from you soon! Stay Awesome!

Compensation: PAID

Contact: Mark Gardner |