CAST + CREW CALL for Short Film "Coconut"

Project Title: Coconut

Type of Production: Short Film

Writer: Damian Miranda

Director: Damian Miranda

Looking for: CAST + CREW

Project Description: 

"Coconut is a short film about Jose’s first brush with casual racism and the internal struggle it highlights in his racial identity crisis. Between his anglicized Mexican-American mother, Patsy, and his desire to embrace his heritage. Blake and Adam, two hungover college students, pose a new question: what do you do in the face of ignorance as a young minority?"

I’m a first time filmmaker and student at Austin School of Film. This 5-minute short, which may be included a special SXSW screening through ASoF. I will be confirming shoot dates and locations as soon as possible, but anticipate shooting to take place on February 10 in the evening in central Austin.

Food and beverages will be provided on set. We’ll be on a tight schedule, so buckle in and let’s go! I’m open to video chat auditions/rehearsals. Please include a headshot in your response. I look forward to hearing from you!

Character Breakdowns:

Jose - Reserved Mexican-American boy struggling with his racial identity
Patsy - Jose's loving, anglicized Mexican-American mother. 
Brian - Ignorant, white, college aged troublemaker. 
Ashlee - A young, hardworking, African-American girl who works the cashier at the restaurant.

Crew Positions Available: 

- Producer
- Director of Photography / Cameraman
- Sound

Compensation: Meals | DVD/Digital Copy

Contact: Damian Miranda |