MMAC's 2019 SXSW Staff Recs Are Here



We are TWO DAYS out before the annual SXSW Festivals and if you’re scrambling put together a list of must-sees at this award-winning international film fest - we got a list for you! <insert fire emoji>




This is supposed to be the story of four vampires who have been roommates for hundreds and hundreds of years.  I honestly cannot get enough of this brand of New Zealand humor. I saw the film version of What We Do in the Shadows at the premiere at SXSW a few years ago, and laughed so hard I was in tears.  So, I cannot wait to get more of the same with this episodic version, especially with Jemaine Clement at the helm.


I'm recommending this shorts block solely based on previous experiences with this particular shorts block. There's something about watching some of the weirdest junk at midnight after a long day of watching movies. The SXSW programmers always seem to find something for everyone to come away feeling scared, uncomfortable, just over-all uneasy. It always seems like there's at least one or two films from this each year that continue to haunt me for months. I can't wait to see what's in store this year.



BUILDING THE AMERICAN DREAM feature documentary captures a turning point as a movement forms to fight widespread construction industry injustices. This is the WORLD PREMIERE of this pivotal piece of documentary cinema and SXSW Official Documentary Feature!

…..and the filmmaker of this documentary is Texan!

Chelsea Hernandez is a Mexican-American filmmaker in Austin, Texas. Her work focuses on the unique perspective of various issues and topics through the lens of ordinary people who challenge the status quo and injustices in the world. She is a fellow of Firelight Media Doc Lab, Tribeca All Access, and BAVC National Mediamaker Fellowship.

March 12 at 5:30pm at Rollins Theater at The Long Center.

P.S. You have a second chance to see this film and purchase tickets (no badge needed) on March 14 at 6pm at AFS Cinema (a SXSW Satellite venue)


#METOO, NOW WHAT is a panel confronting the dynamics and challenges of Film and Television in the wake of the #metoo movement. An incredible group of panelists will have an honest dialogue focusing on the under representation and deep complexity of discrimination extending far beyond a hashtag. Exploring how film schools and intro level programs should implement training to benefit equity in the entertainment industry.

As an education advocate and activist within working class communities - HECK YA TO THIS! Media inclusion is incredibly important and this is something I am so excited to partake in this weekend!

March 10 from 2-3pm at the Austin Convention Center - Room 15



An interesting documentary following four high school seniors in a Florida town as they jump into trying to figure out their futures all the while enjoying the time they have now. This is wonderful perspective to experience a community outside of your own, but one in which everyone will be able to take something away from. Premiering Rollins Theater at Long Center March 8 from 8:30-10:22pm


A coming of age film following two young graffiti artists/activists who take on fear and violence in the city they live in. Finding refuge with other artists and learning how to move forward against the hate unfold into a beautiful drama set in Columbia. Find it first at Alamo Ritz March 10th from 7-8:20pm



This film should appeal to anyone who has worked in a movie theater. The story follow a group of theater employees who find a reel of porn in storage and watch it. Little do they know they unleash a succubus into the world. It’s a horror comedy set in a theater, where the employees find porn, who wouldn't want to see this.

Stateside Theater March 9th from 5:00pm to 6:38pm

Ra: Path of the Sun God

Ra: Path of the Sun God is a forgotten (yet amazing) psychedelic animated film from the 90’s with a revamp’d synth score. With its new psychedelic score and Egyptian imagery, it’s a must see any animation fan.

AFS Cinema March 13th from 5:30pm to 6:42pm



A documentary relaying the story of Leslie Cochran, a pioneer in Austin’s self-proclaimed weirdness. Leslie was not just a homeless cross-dresser. He was an activist, a spokesperson for the homeless, and a friend. I’m recommending this to anyone who ever knew or knew of Leslie but more importantly those who have never heard of him. His legacy is not one to be forgotten particularly in the ever-changing climate of Austin.


I’m recommending the virtual cinema program based on what I experienced at last year’s program. There are so many artistic and unique ways to tell a story- and virtual cinema creates a whole other world of possibilities. Whether it’s documentary, narrative, or an interactive experience you’ll be sure to find something intriguing and differ.



“RAISE HELL is about a Texas maverick named MOLLY IVINS. Often compared to Mark Twain, she was one of the most courageous journalists of modern times... and also one of the funniest!"  - IDA Ass.

I couldn't call myself an Austin girl if I didn't know who Molly Ivans was. I was raised in Austin around the U.T. community of liberal professors and honky tonk poets, and I don't remember a time when her loud and strong journalistic voice wasn't being talked about. She had that bigger than Texas woman's voice so smart and so entertaining at the same time. Her subjects often relished being mentioned in her column. She spoke more than truth to power -she riled it up, worked it over and hurdled it straight out there. 


Find What Feels Good at SXSW

Adriene Mishler is an actress, writer, international yoga teacher and entrepreneur from Austin, Texas. I've been a fan of Adriene's videos even before I moved to Austin, so getting to participate in her live classes would be a surreal experience. This 60-minute session is designed to inspire mindful and intelligent connection, leaving you feeling stretched out and centered. Adriene’s style of yoga derives from a diverse pool of influences, all designed to help improve physical, emotional, and cultural well being. Bring your own yoga mat, wear something comfy, and Find What Feels Good!

SXSW - March 10th 1pm-2pm - Palmer Events Center // Wellness Expo Fitness Stage

Yes, God, Yes

In the Midwest in the early 00s, sixteen-year-old Alice has always been a good Catholic girl. But when an AOL chat turns racy, she discovers masturbation and becomes guilt-ridden.

Seeking redemption, she attends a mysterious religious retreat to try and suppress her urges, but it isn't easy, especially after a cute boy starts flirting with her.

March 9th 6:00pm - 7:17pm - Alamo Lamar C