MUSICIAN & BAND CALL For Feature Film "Seahorse"

Director: Rommel Eclarinal

Producer: Javier Bonafont

Project Description:

SEAHORSE is the story of a young mother who is a heroine addict, and has one last chance to clean up or lose her daughter.  A naturalistic drama.


We aren't actually looking for actors or cast.  I'm on a quest for local bands & musicians interested in placing music in the film.  This would be music playing on radios, in jukeboxes, inside bars and stores, etc.  so relatively mainstream, not ultra experimental, but otherwise all styles will be considered.  We are NOT currently looking for a composer for a score, as there is possibly no score in the film.  There is little to no pay involved, but possibly some trade of services for videos, promotional value, etc

Compensation: Non-paid | DVD Digital-Copy