MIX/VHS | Week 080

Week 080

Wow! It's the weekend already??


It's not. It's the weekend yet. Psych. So close. Yet so far... 

Well who cares!! Get a head start, relax for a while, and enjoy these amazing recommendations of what to watch in your chill-out time from your buddies at MIX/VHS!

Unedited Footage of a Bear


I caught this little piece of insanity on Adult Swim a few years ago, super late at night as a party was dying down.  I kind of thought maybe someone had slipped me something until I realized everyone else in the room was also watching the TV just as intently too.  The sound had been sucked out of the room and no one seemed capable of looking away.  Enjoy.

- Carrie

Law & Order: SVU // Season 18, Episodes 20 + 21


I am a major fan of Law & Order: Special Victims Unit and have just about watched every episode that has ever aired. Watching this two-part sequence of episodes is the first time I've shed a tear over a movie/television show in a while. It really gives you perspective on the "American Dream" while taking twists and turns as Sergeant Benson and her dedicated detectives do their best to investigate who committed a vicious hate crime.

- Ashley

Breaking The Rules - The French New Wave


Let's kick the weekend off with some film theory and analysis! Channel Criswell brings great, educational coverage to the various arthouse genres out there, and his analysis of the French New Wave is one that I constantly revisit. Check 'er out!

- Jake

Donkey Kong TV Show


Holy cow. This show is bad. It's real bad. So bad, that's beautiful. A disastrous masterpiece. An animated head-scratcher. More myth than history. It's hard to really surmise all of the "what the fuck??" elements of this 90s animated Donkey Kong kids cartoon, but I'll let this YouTuber break down an episode. His reaction is all of us. 

- Spencer

Devonté Hynes And Philip Glass Compare Notes



There's a new Blood Orange album out, so check out this old interview Devonté Hynes did with Philip Glass! 

- Morgan

Baby Bachelor in Paradise


Do you like the Bachelor? No? Me neither-- the concept is weird AF and I can't believe people watch it. It makes me question the goodness of humanity and the virtue of mankind. Anyway...want to see this concept applied to LITERAL BABIES? Of course you do.

- Mia

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