MIX/VHS | Week 072

Week 072

With a rainy weekend on the horizon, take a break from frolicking in a downpour to wrap yourself in a dry blanket + watch these great recommendations from your pals at MIX/VHS! 

Tom Lehrer // We Will All Go Together When We Go


The most shocking thing about Tom Lehrer is the contrast. Here is a man in the 50’s skewering institutions such as the Vatican, the Scouts, and the Army – but all via the Midatlantic voice of a man dressed in a crisp suit and thick-rimmed spectacles. Indeed, it’s no mere act. Dr. Lehrer was a professor of mathematics at both Harvard and MIT. That pedigree helps explain Lehrer’s lyrics: always smart, piercing, and cleverly-constructed. I especially love his unconventional line breaks and rhymes. (Who else would pair Te Deum with ICBM?) But Lehrer is also a talented pianist, inspired by a childhood filled with Cole Porter and Gilbert & Sullivan tunes. (Arguably his biggest claim to fame is a breathless listing of the periodic table of the elements, set to the G&S tune “I Am the Very Model of a Modern Major-General.” So – please enjoy this rousing showstopper, the “happy note” with which Lehrer ended his 1967 concert tour in Norway.

- Matt

The Color of Pomegranates


Sergei Parajanov's The Color of Pomegranates is one of the most beautiful and confounding films I've ever seen, and this is a version of the movie with a new score from experimental musician Nicolas Jaar. Jaar's sonic interpretation of Parajanov's visual poetry is incredible, and is vastly different from the sparse, though equally brilliant, original soundtrack. 

- Morgan

Space Amoeba


As a kid growing up, I was obsessed with Godzilla and I still love the big G to this day. I grew up with primarily the Showa Era Godzilla films from the 60's as they were the most kid-friendly. When I found out that Ishiro Honda, the original creator of Godzilla himself, was making other Kaiju films with the Toho Studios around that time I had to investigate more. The first film I saw was Space Amoeba as it was one of the few on Amazon Prime. The story is your basic Kaiju story where a couple is visiting an island where a meteor carrying a space amoeba crashes into the ocean and mutates a squid, a stone crab, and a mata mata turtle (that looks suspiciously like Gamera) into giant monsters. Who do what giant monsters do the best -- destruction! The story is existent and the rubber monster suits look like they could fit in a Godzilla film. So if you feel like watching a fun Kaiju film check it out on Amazon Prime.

- Joey

The Hamilton Mixtape // Immigrants (We Get the Job Done) 


In honor of this week, thought I’d go with an obvious Hamilton pick, but it resonates so well with what’s going on in our current events. Hope you had a great 4th of July, y’all! 

- Zoe

Ghostcity // Thomas Azier


Odds are, you are unfamiliar with the music of Thomas Azier. I cannot recommend him enough, alongside his visually stunning music videos from Berlin-based director Sander Houtkruijer and cinematographer Lauro Cress. Tandem to this video is another titled "Angeles," both of which combine colorful and kinetic imagery, with the sounds of Azier's futuristic, pulsating music.

- Jake

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