MIX/VHS | Week 065

Week 065

We've got a jam PACKED MIX/VHS for you this week! Grab a cold beer (or 3) + check out these diverse picks for a lil' screen time that our blog contributors came up with to help you wind down a bit early for the weekend. Sit back and enjoy!

MAMAHAWKS // Lioness


Funky song. Funky dance moves. Just an A+ music video from beginning to end. Austin-based filmmaker John Valley knocks this one out of the park, squeezing out as much fun and colorful style out of such a simple preference of a VR dance partner.  Shout out to all the wonderful people I know who worked on this! It's rad city to the MAX!

- Spencer



Despite how long writer Diablo Cody and director Jason Reitman have been consistently putting out great work, I was a little nervous going into Tully. It looks...well...like the kind of schmaltzy indie garbage that us millennials can't seem to slurp up fast enough (:cough: The Big Sick :cough:). But it's not. It treats motherhood like a horror movie villain to be dreaded, and kind of made me never want to have kids. Most importantly, it made me uncomfortable, which is something that's unfortunately lacking outside the horror genre these days. I know many of you are probably caught up in the throes of Avengers/Star Wars mania but, I beg you, put down the Marvel bottle for one second and give this movie a chance.

- JJ

Nick Offerman's California Workshop


Last week I poured over YouTube and found over a dozen different videos of comedian, actor, and bona-fide Midwesterner Nick Offerman talking at length about woodworking in his wood shop. Which is crazy because I don't know any other famous actors/comedians with their own wood shops, let alone the woodworking credibility to show up on HGTV, DIY Network, etc. etc. etc. over a dozen times. So here's this video, which is from a magazine or something, showing some rep touring Mr. Offerman's Southern California wood shop. 

- Peder

Evil Genius: The True Story of America’s Most Diabolical Bank Heist


I was thrilled to find that the Duplass brothers were releasing another documentary on Netflix. I was a fan of Wild Wild Country, so I was eager to jump into their next doc series, Evil Genius. This follows the pizza bomber heist that occurred back in Eerie, PA in 2003. It covers the series of bizarre and tragic events during that day to the conspiracies and trial that followed. It's an intriguing documentary so far, so I'm excited to finish this and see how it's executed till the end.

- Janet



This is a supercut of shots from Seinfeld that don't have any people in them, and it's super unsettling. The retained laugh tracks, which establish a simulated human presence in the absence of real people, are especially eerie and fun. 

- Morgan

Eagles Are Turning People Into Horses: The Movie


Have you ever wanted to break up with someone, but just couldn't find the right words? And you were also a government-agent fighting the on-going secret war between Man, Eagles, and their power to turn people into horses? We've all been there, amiright?

- Jake

Peter Gabriel // In Your Eyes


In Your Eyes by Peter Gabriel is an amazing song that inspires emotions. Now the music video does the exact same, but through experimental imagery. Blurred images and over exposed candles do the trick in this wonderful music video, leaving me in a teary eyed convulsion.

- Austin

Binging with Babish


Food + TV + Film. Can you think of a more perfect combination? Combining his two passions: filmmaking and cooking, Andrew Rea, creator of the Youtube channel Binging with Babish sets out to recreate “cult-status” dishes from some of your favorite television shows and films. My personal favorites include: Rachel’s English Trifle from FRIENDS, Michael Scott’s “The Works” Dessert Pretzel from The Office and Remy the rat’s ratatouille from Pixar’s Ratatouille. However, there are many more mouth-watering, decadent videos that you guys are definitely going to want to watch/end up mindlessly binging-watching. So, enjoy and bon appetite!

- Zoe

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