MIX/VHS | Week 064

Week 064

While we were busy setting up + celebrating the grand opening of the new Artist Shop at Motion Media Arts Center, we still found some time to out together yet another stellar MIX/VHS for you! There are so many eclectic recommendations for you to fall in love with, so enjoy to your heart's content!

David Lynch on Cooking Quinoa


"We're cookin' quinoa!" David Lynch's face glows under the stove hood light in his otherwise pitch black kitchen. Why is he being filmed making quinoa? Why is his kitchen so dark? Why is this video 20 minutes long? As I continue watching I care less and less about the answers to these questions and revel in the fact that it all just is. As the quinoa cooks, Lynch blesses viewers with a story from long ago and far away. The story features creatures that he describes as a "frog moths," which if you've seen Twin Peaks: The Return, should ring a bell.

- Morgan



If you’ve got some extra time this weekend, you should definitely consider watching HBO’s new series, Barry. The show is a true “dramedy” that treads on the edge of becoming like “Breaking Bad” but is balanced out by the show’s sharp-witted comedic writing. As the self-titled protagonist, Bill Hader plays a truly unique character that is more “Heisenberg” rather than “SNL.” The rest of the ensemble cast works together seamlessly. Highly recommend this series. Binge-watched all eight episodes and am excited to find out how it will continue!

- Zoe

Childish Gambino // This Is America


Donald Glover and Hiro Murai are creative forces that this world is not ready for. But more so than ever, we need to watch and listen. This piece is the best music video of the year - I'm calling it. So much imagery and symbolism and meaning packed into one incredible song and visual masterpiece. Watch it. Now.

- Jake

30 for 30: Pete Wheeler




What if I told you...the greatest baseball game ever made isn't something you can easily find on the shelves of your local GameStop or retail provider. What if I told you...one kid wanted to prove everybody wrong who ever doubted his playing ability and heart for America's greatest past-time. What if I told you...21 years ago, a game was created that laid the foundation for a series of revamped, updated masterworks that stand the test of time and command an audience and the biggest video game fan support ever seen. What if I told you...to watch this video in honor of one of the greatest players to ever lace up a pair of cleats. 

- Alek

Worth It: $8 Salmon vs $56 Salmon


Confession time: I have a thing for watching videos of people eating + talking about food when I am eating at home alone. It's a weird habit, but there is something very comforting about watching this webseries where three Buzzfeed Bros choose a food dish and try local places that make it at three drastically different price points. Also worth noting: salmon is my favorite food, and Seattle may very well have the greatest salmon in the world. So if you've never been, here's hoping this video makes you want to hop on a plane, see some beautiful trees, and eat delicious fucking fish.

- Spencer

WTF With Marc Maron - Episode 905, Bill Simmons


I've been pretty interested in Bill Simmons lately, so this podcast was a perfect listen and opportunity. Marc Maron sits down with Bill Simmons to chat about his life, diving into the beginnings of his writing career to when he left ESPN, which gave birth to The Ringer. It's an interesting discussion about how the rise of the Internet impacted his career, and we get a glimpse into the things that helped him shape his vision. 

- Janet

Dead Man


No, this isn’t Dead Man’s Chest. Nor is it a Lone Ranger prequel. Before Depp was a Caribbean pirate or a painted brave, he was Bill Blake, an accountant-cum-outlaw on the run in the American West. Along the way, Blake is joined by a well-read indigenous man named Nobody, who becomes his guide. Like the Grandfather Peyote employed by Nobody, this film transports the viewer into a hazy space populated by symbols, signs, and visions. Working within director Jim Jarmusch’s signature hypnotic style, the performances are stylized, arch, but earnest. The effect is one of deep unease, underscored by the slow stutter of Neil Young’s electric guitar. Dead Man will be playing at the Alamo Ritz on Wednesday, May 16th at 7pm.

- Matt

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