MIX/VHS | Week 071

Week 071

Tired? Stressed? On the verge of tears having not found a list of great fun new things to watch over the weekend? Well dry those tears!! MIX/VHS is here! Enjoy this short + sweet collection of recommendations from some real neat folks!

Ocean's 8



Been waiting for this movie to come out since I first heard the news that they were making a remake, and honestly, Ocean's 8 did not disappoint. For those who are skeptical about seeing another all-female remake of an older franchise and/or classic (à la Ghostbusters), this film holds up completely on its own with its unique spin-off story line, a brilliant ensemble cast as well as an ending plot twist that will definitely incite your interest in a sequel. 

- Zoe



This short is such a beautiful example of tone, mood, resonance, and atmosphere. I feel so connected to what Tim Kellner is photographing, with how he captures it, with his use of music and sounds, and the general wide-angled viewpoint he analyzes this other-worldy landscape. It's such a tranquil vista.

- Jake

Nintendo Power Star Fox 64 Promo


With Toys-R-Us closing its last doors Friday, and my parents digging up old homemade cassette tapes of my childhood, you best believe my weirdo brain somehow combined those two thoughts into thinking about this bizzaro promotional video Nintendo came out with in 1997 to promote their new game Star Fox 64 and their "new high-tech" rumble pak's. And it of COURSE involves a plot of a Sega and Sony employee kidnapping a Nintendo employee to spill the beans about the new game. And OF COURSE they threaten to torture a plush Mario doll by electrocuting him with a car battery if he doesn't give them the goods. What a wild time to be a kid buying video games.

- Spencer

Robo Vampire 3: Counter Destroy


Robo Vampire 3 or Counter Destroy or The Vampire is Still Alive is the third in a trilogy of Hong Kong action "films" directed by Godfrey Ho. The thing to note about Ho as a director is that in 1989 he directed 9 films, so there is that testament to the quality of his work. This film is a horribly dubbed splice of three separate films that never intersect. There is the emotionless writer who is trying to write the next big Chinese blockbuster but keeps getting interrupted by not Freddy Kruger. There are the emotionless producers trying to kill other film makers whose emotionless body guard is a ninja and spoiler, a robot. Lastly the story of an emotionless assassin that carries out the producers attacks. None of this film makes any sense and the dubbing is so bad you would think it was dubbed using text to speech. So get your friends together, get on Amazon Prime and watch Robo Vampire 3 and become better people for it. Results not guaranteed.

- Joey

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