MIX/VHS | Week 083


Week 083

Feeling a lil’ exhausted? A lil’ famished? A lil’ low on the scale of emotional well-being? Well guess what? MIX/VHS has curated another bonafide knockout of a list of things to watch to help you relax and love yourself again!!!*

(*not actually entirely 100% sure that watching these videos will help your emotional well being, but it’s worth a shot if you aren’t doing anything!)

Enjoy, y’all!

Nastia Liukin Vignette


Growing up as a gymnast in North Texas, Carly Patterson and Nastia Liukin were my idols. Not only did I watch the 2005 Visa Championships (which I had taped on a VHS) weekly, but I had a picture of Nastia in my locker and definitely owned that calendar Carly Patterson was signing in the video. My two heroes. 

- Shelby

Flight of the Conchords // Father and Son


When I was in high school, I used to perform songs by Flight of the Conchords with a buddy of mine at talent shows. Seeing them in concert 2 years ago in Austin was easily in the Top 3 of most satisfying/wonderful concert-going experiences I’ve ever had. This was one of the songs that they were just starting to work on/perform at shows back then, and I am grinning from ear to mother-ucking ear to hear them perform it again. Love these goofy goofs!

- Spencer



Maniac (2018) is Netflix’s newest limited series, directed by Cary Fukinaga and starring Emma Stone and Jonah Hill. A dark psychological thriller which follows two complete strangers who, when they enter a drug trial, are linked subconsciously through a series of fantastical dreams and alternate realties, taking place in the 1920’s, 1980’s and even Middle-Earth. A bit slow at the beginning, the series hits its stride in the latter episodes when the intense excitement, drama and mystery in the story unfolds. Otherwise, an incredibly unique, intriguing (and at times confusing) series that will capture your full attention from start to finish.

- Zoe


Slice movie.jpg


Campy horror comedy starring Chance the Rapper, Zazie Beetz, and Paul Scheer. It's a great choice to watch with some friends on a chill night. In a town where ghosts and humans coexists, a streak of slain pizza delivery boys has various people hunting down the culprit behind the murders. It's directed and written by Austin Vesely, who's collaborated with Chance on a lot of his music videos. And together, they've made their feature film debut with this project. Great characters, laughs, and gore.

- Janet

The Lock In


The Lock In is a "found footage" "anti-pornography" "horror" "film," produced by a Christian youth group, about a group of friends who find a dirty magazine while dumpster diving, and accidentally unleash a porno demon that puts them into a different dimension/timeloop. It's impeccable. From the opening scenes to the twist ending, this film has instantly established itself as one of the greatest "So-Bad-It's-Good" films of all time.

- Jake

The Look-See



The Look-See is a short horror film web series produced on Crypt TV, a YouTube channel dedicated to horror shorts (honestly I recommend this entire channel). Look-See currently has 3 seasons, all circling around the mysterious creature called the Look-See that kills with only one warning to its victims: "If you yourself cannot release then it will come to take a piece". Each episode has a unique twist and will leave you feeling both disturbed and desperately trying to figure out what's happening.

- Valarie

Legally Blonde: "Omigod You Guys"

feat. All-Star Cast


Courtney, take your break! And watch this middle school camp rendition of the opening number OMIGOD YOU GUYS! of Legally Blonde the Musical. The girl who plays Elle is the adult camp counselor who forced all the girls in cabin 677 to put on this play with (for) her although they clearly wanted to do Hamilton. Sorry girls, this is Elle’s time to shine. And shine she does.

- Mia

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