PROJECTIONIST Wanted for the Austin Film Festival

Job Description:

Department: Film

Reports to: Production Manager

Dates: Must attend the Volunteer Training Sessions, QC at least 6 hours of films along with a commitment to at least 4 shifts of projection and be available during the week of October 24th through October 31st, 2019

Overall Job Description: The projectionist would be responsible for the successful presentation of films throughout the week of the Festival. Additional duties include quality checking films and conducting technical checks.

- Must have some experience with digital projection.
- Strong technical knowledge.
- Working knowledge of digital formats.
- Working knowledge of standard film aspect ratios.
- Excellent communication skills.
- Excellent interpersonal skills.
- Patience and ability to remain calm under pressure.

Key Duties:
- Projecting digital film files to their utmost quality and monitoring the entire presentation from start to finish, ensuring said quality throughout the screening.
- Conducting pre-screening technical checks with filmmakers to ensure outstanding picture and audio quality.
- Attending equipment tests and installs at AFF venues.
- Quality checking films at the AFF office in the weeks leading up to the Festival.
- Communicating with the Festival Production Manager throughout the Festival and providing quality communication and professional service to our Festival filmmakers.

Compensation: Festival Pass/Badge, dependent upon working shifts


Send your resume, along with references and a cover letter, to
** All submissions must include references and a cover letter**