CREW CALL For "Bambi PVC Music Video"

Writer: Christian Anhalt

Project Description:
I’m looking to put together a music video but I need some help. I’m in need of either a director who can source the crew for me or a cinematographer to work directly with. 

I was wanting to get a quote for a video I have in mind. The song itself is around 2.5 minutes long so the video is going to be very fast-paced with minimal locations and can be shot in one day.
Here is the basic run-down:
-Filmed at night.
-Starts with me walking out to a car and getting in.
-Most of the video is filmed inside the car with me sitting in the backseat interacting with the another passenger. Outside shots of the car driving are used just to show the car is in motion but no special rigs will need to be used.
-Car eventually comes to a stop and I hop out through sunroof to escape.
-Running away from car scene either through a parking garage or city scene. Camera shots are up at high angles to mimic 4 different surveillance cameras.

Please include a reel or some form of a portfolio. 

You can check out my Instagram @bambi_pvc and find my music on streaming services under “Bambi PVC”. 

Crew Positions:

Director/Assistant Director

Compensation: Paid