CREW CALL For Feature Film "Seahorse"

Director: Rommel Eclarinal

Project Description:

LAST MINUTE SOUND MIXER NEEDED FOR THIS SATURDAY & SUNDAY, MARCH 30 AND 31 at a local location. Shoot is paid, with potential for more work on future shoots.

SEAHORSE is a micro budget feature about the complexities of being a mother challenged by the torment of addiction and the constant attempts to get clean before its too late. Weekend shoots in April/May locally in Austin. Low pay rates for keys. Deferments possible.

The Story:
EMILY is a heroin addict, working as a webcam sex performer to support herself and her habit. She is also a mother to 7 year old ADRIENNE, and her habit has pulled her increasingly away from her daughter. The child’s father MAC has gotten full custody and has plans to move away with his new fiancée, severing any remaining chance Emily has to be part of her daughter’s life. She tries, with the help of JOAQUIN, a kind and generous undocumented immigrant, to get straight and reconnect with her daughter, which involves a quest to face her own demons in the form of her alcoholic mother. But for Emily, it is too late, and she realizes that, like the Seahorse, Adrienne is in better hands with her father than her own.

For CREW, please put CREW and indicate which position you're submitting for in the subject line.
Crew Positions:

Sound Mixer

1st/2nd Assistant Director

Production Assistants
Compensation: Paid | Meals | DVD/Digital Copy

Shoot Date: Saturday & Sunday March 30th an 31st