CAST & CREW CALL For Feature Film "Busticate"

Writer: Christian M. Franklin

Project Description:

This award winning script is looking to go into production. The writer is in need of a whole team. Cast and Crew.

Logline: Sexually abused as a child, twenty-seven year old Jerry attempts to control her life while suffering from PTSD and watching her younger sister endure the same hardships.


JERRY: Lead. African American Female. 27. 
DARA: Supporting Role. African American Female. 16.
SOCIAL WORKER: Supporting Role. Female. 35-45.
OFFICER KENT: Supporting Role. African American Male. 26-30.
CAT: Supporting Role. African American Female. 40s.
JAMES: Supporting Role. African American Male. 40s.
MOTHER: Day Player. African (Nigerian) Female. 50s.
OPERATOR: Day Player. 
GROUP LEAD: Day Player.
CLIENT #1: Day Player.
EMPLOYEE #1: Day Player.
ROXANNE: Day Player. African American Female. 20s.
BOUNCER: Day Player.
CASHIER: Day Player.
STRANGE MAN: Day Player. 50s-60s.
OFFICER #1: Day Player.
TIGER: Day Player. 20s.
REGGIE: Day Player. 20s.
OLDER GENTLEMAN: Day Player. African (Nigerian) Male. 60s.

Crew Positions Available:

Location Scout
Director of Photography 
Camera Operator x2
Boom Operator x2
Film Editor
Compensation: Some positions paid, some are non-paid

Audition Date: 12-15-2018