CASTING CALL For Short Film "Funny Man"

Director: Marcus Rosen

Project Description:
Casting call for ASOF student film

"Funny Man" is a surrealist dark comedy about a washed-up stand-up comedian sent to purgatory to pay for his sins against comedy. 

This is a Kafkaesque lesson about the importance of self-awareness, in which "purgatory" presents itself as a skeezy nightclub, the audience is the judge, jury and executioner, and the Funny Man's terrible taste in humor is his ultimate downfall. 

"Funny Man" is one part surrealist nightmare, one part pitch-black comedy.


The Funny Man - A hack comedian who believes he's infinitely funnier than he really is. He's a bit of a sleaze-ball, a self-loathing narcissistic drunk whose marital status has been updated more often than his stand-up act. Mid-40s-early 50's character actors preferred for the role.

Compensation: Paid | Meals | DVD/Digital Copy

Audition Date: 03-06-2019