CAST AND CREW For Short Film "The Puppeteer"

Director: Paul Greenamyer

Project Description:

Sarah’s dreams are haunted by a creepy smiling man with a straight razor. During a late-night visit to her brother's room, Sarah begins to realize her nightmare stalker might be real … and more intimately connected to her than she can face.

Dates TBD/flexible, targeting July wrap but that could get pushed.

Character Breakdowns:

Sarah, 17. Middle-class high school senior who wants to fit in. Suffers from nightmares. Finds herself in mortal danger amid terrifying surroundings.

Danny, 14, Sarah's brother. Sarcastic, self-involved nerd, but still charming. Close with his sister, but adversarial as little brothers tend to be.

The Puppeteer, ageless. A grinning, nightmarish man-creature of evil intent. Sometimes seen wielding a straight razor. He's not the puppet -- he pulls the strings. No lines, big presence.

Crew Positions:

Make-up / horror FX: SCARE ME! I need horror make-up / creature design. Read the project description and character breakdowns for ideas about The Puppeteer, but I am open to suggestions. If you have a monster you have been dying to bring to life, pitch it!

DP: Comfortable with long suspenseful takes, need help leaving the audience disoriented in frightening, maze-like surroundings.

Set building / decoration: Need to construct frightening, maze-like surroundings.

Compensation: Paid | Meals