CASTING CALL For Short Film "5 Seconds to Decide"

Type of Production: Short Film

Writer: Viktoria Christman

Project Description:

5 minute short film about a young woman on the brink of suicide. She lays in a bathtub thinking about all of the events that have led her to the edge. Just when she has lost all hope, she finds that a small act of kindness may give her the strength to go on.

Roles Available:

ALBA (Lead, Female, 20-30)- The main character. It is a drama so she has to be very dramatic. She has to be comfortable being in bikini because it will be a lot of scenes in the bathtub.

SASHA(Supporting, Female, 30-40)- Sasha is going to fire Alba. She is acting very cold through the process.

ALBA’S mom(Supporting, Female, 30-40)-Its a non speaking role.

ALBA'S dad(Supporting, Male, 30-40)-Its a non speaking role.

Young Alba(Supporting, Female, she is around 10)- Its a non speaking role.

ICE officers(Supporting, Male or Female, they are in their 30's)- Limited amount of speaking. I will need 2-4 people who are acting as Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers.

Compensation: Non-Paid | Meals | DVD/Digital Copy