CAST + CREW CALL for Short Film "Jurassic Park - Life Finds A Way | Fan Film"

Writer: Todd Stephens

Director: Todd Stephens

Production Company: Todd Jason Films

Looking for: CAST + CREW

Jurassic Park opens its gates all across the United States, and of course, dinosaurs break out, kill people. And now North America is taken over by dinosaurs. After survivors Danny and Matt save another survivor from a raptor attack. The three stand together to try to survive the prehistoric apocalypse. 

Why do I want to make this film? 
This is a passion project of mine. Jurassic Park is a film that inspired me to get into film-making and every time I see the movie, I go into the extras menu and watch the classic behind the scenes feature. I intend to make zero profits from this movie. This is just a movie made for fans, by fans.

Characters - Most of the film is already cast, it's just the lead roles and some extras

Danny - Danny's personality is more of the anti social kind of guy; unless it's people he truly knows; he has anger problems, but later in the story he changes, and becomes more social and less angry.

Lauren - Lauren has been alone most of her life; when she was a kid her parents worked in one of the Jurassic Park locations, and when everything went wrong, they both died; she has been surviving on her own for years. She is also blonde.

Extras, I need about 15 people to play park visitors, I want a scene where we see a functional Jurassic Park, before the chaos starts.

Also need someone to play a Dying survivor, and 2 guards.

Check Out The Teaser HERE!

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