CAST & CREW CALL For Short Film "Wolf Skin"

Type of Production: Short Film

Director: Nader Yousef

Project Description:

A Mafia Drama/Thriller about two competing businesses of the same family, each run by a brother. When an Italian cousin reunites with one of the brothers, they come up with a plan to take down the other brother and his business/gang down. The success of the plan depends on the cousin’s ability to go undercover in hopes of getting any useful information.

- Films in Late July and Early August

To audition, send an email with the name of the character you wish to play, and a side will be sent to you.

Roles Available:

Main cast :
Christopher – 20s, Mediterranean/Caucasian – The Italian cousin who reunites with one of the brothers and goes undercover for him– MUST BE ABLE TO DO BOTH AN ITALIAN AND HISPANIC ACCENT. – Films in Austin and San Marcos.

Joe - 40s-50s, Mediterranean/Caucasian ¬– One of the brothers that owns the family business…works with Christopher to take down the other brother. Mafia Boss type. – Films in San Marcos.

Scarlett – 20s-30s, Mediterranean/Caucasian – The sister. She has sided with Joe in the family war and helps Christopher get ready for his mission. She is also the one who comes up with the undercover mission and plan. – Films in San Marcos.

Anthony- 30s-40s, Mediterranean/Caucasian – The other brother who has his own company and is always looking to exact revenge on Joe. Corporate businessman type. – Films in Austin and San Marcos

Smaller roles:
Carol – 30s-40s, Any Ethnicity - Anthony’s wife. She helps Anthony with coming up with ways to harm Joe’s business. She helps in trying to recruit Christopher. – Films in Austin

Clint – 20s- 30s, Any Ethnicity – Anthony’s brother in law. A few lines but plays a part in almost catching Christopher in a lie and is crucial to the plot. – Films in Austin

Luis – 20s-30s, Hispanic – Scarlett’s Husband, - Only two or three lines – films in San Marcos.

Extras - 8 men needed – Over 18 – all ethnicities – all to be acting as captured gang members.
- 4 more extras – To act as cops.
--- All extras might be considered for other smaller roles that have one or two lines.

Crew Positions:

Camera Operator – Must have own camera with at least 1080p quality. Must also be flexible with different ways of shooting

Compensation: Non-Paid | Meals