Keep The Fire Lit , Dir. Fox RedSky (ASoF student)

Keep The Fire Lit, Dir. Fox RedSky (ASoF student)

Why is Documentary Filmmaking important? This medium of filmmaking allows the viewer to experience a walk in another's life, building a sense of shared humanity. Documentary filmmaking gives a voice to marginalized and underrepresented voices to tell their stories of tragedy, inspiration, suffering, and hope. 

Fertile Ground , Dir. Ana Dealvare, Documentary Filmmaking (2018)

Fertile Ground, Dir. Ana Dealvare, Documentary Filmmaking (2018)

In challenging times, it is important to support the voices of the people who make our communities - from forgotten truths, histories, and defining life moments. ASoF's Documentary Filmmaking course is a 10-week class exploring historical & conceptual analysis of what defines a “documentary" and guiding real-life students to create their own documentary short film - from learning technical aspects of filmmaking, developing their story, and guiding them through the production of their own films until completion. This is a special chance for students of all different experience levels, socioeconomics and cultures in Central, Texas to tell stories that are important to them - whether that story be their own or one they find of value.

ASoF strives for creative freedom for our students, giving a voice through the power of filmmaking & creative arts. The continuation of new work is vital in sustaining and uplifting our communities - from across neighborhoods to the globe.

This specialty course is led by Matthew Koshmrl, an award-winning documentary filmmaker and cinematographer. 

Lead ASoF Documentary Instructor Matthew Koshmrl on location in Antartica. 

Lead ASoF Documentary Instructor Matthew Koshmrl on location in Antartica. 

In 2016, Koshmrl received the Antarctic Service Medal from the United States congress when he was commissioned by the National Science Foundation to travel to the Antarctic Peninsula to film a paleontological expedition. He is now working on a documentary to be co-produced with the Carnegie Museum about the evolution of dinosaurs in Antarctica and the paleontological process in extreme climates. Matthew focuses on documentary films that explore the evolution of tradition, individual and national identity, and unseen processes. He is currently finishing his feature documentary film, Dokdo: Lone Island which covers the disputed sovereignty over Dokdo, an island that has been one of the greatest points of contention between South Korea and Japan since the end of WWII.

Nepal Snehi Kaakha , Dir. Kirtana Banskota, ASoF student (2018)

Nepal Snehi Kaakha, Dir. Kirtana Banskota, ASoF student (2018)

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We hope this blog post inspires you (where ever you may be) that your story matters.