Spryaig | Seeking Crew

Spryaig Film is looking for aspiring crew and talent for Dec 15th and 16th! We are specifically looking for students or people who want to learn more about the filmmaking business WITH LOTS OF ENERGY.

Director: Manuel Vargas

Writer/Producer/EP: Eric Franco



Age: 18+

Gender: no limitation

Ethnicity: any (we love diversity!)



Sound Mixer

Boom Op



Art Director

1AC (trainee), 16th only

Grip x 1 (trainee)

PA x 1 (trainee)

Script Supervisor (trainee), 15th only

When and Where is this shoot happening? Dec 15th & 16th in Austin

Is this a paid gig? Although not much, we do have a small stipend for non-trainee positions - $20/day for Mixer, HMU, Wardrobe, $30/day for Art Director, and $10/day for Boom Op.

We'll also provide breakfast, lunch, and snacks on set. For the trainee positions there is no monetary compensation, at the same time they are under no obligation to stay the entire shoot. Suitable for people who want to learn about those particular departments.

Producer's Note: We understand there are lots of talented cast&crew deserving way more than this number, but we really have a very small budget to work with. In order to get all parties involved (cast+crew+post production) SOME compensation, this is the number we can offer. We hope you understand.

I'm interested, what's next?

CAST : Send headshot & acting resume to spryaigfilms@gmail.com with subject

"SPRYAIG TECHNICIAN". Include your measurement for wardrobe as well.

CREW : Send resume to spryaigfilms@gmail.com with subject "SPRYAIG_POSITION_". If it's a trainee position and you have no prior experience, feel free to tell us a bit about yourself and why you are interested in said position!


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